03 Sep 2017

August Favorites

Wow, I can’t believe we’re already in September! Once again the year has flown by, and we’re transitioning into my personal favorite time of the year, fall! I love fall more than any other month because that means we’re one month closer to Christmas! Just kidding… but not really. I love fall for the crisp cool weather, colorful leaves, warm knitwear and of course the food! Although I drink chai lattes year round, as they’re my favorite! There’s just something special about drinking a warm spiced chai or PSL when the chilly air is blowing at your face, just thinking about it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! I also have a minor obsession with pumpkin flavored anything, I may or may not have already been drinking my favorite pumpkin pie protein shake since like mid August. But before I go in complete fall mode on y’all, I thought I’d do a roundup on my August Favorites, because I have a lot of things I’m loving at the moment!

My first favorite of the month I’m sharing, is this gorgeous mascara by Clinique! I have been using their high impact mascara in brown every day for the past two or three months, and I absolutely adore it! It doesn’t clump up on my lashes, and it’s such a great day time mascara, because of the natural finish! I’m all for mascaras that lift and separate your lashes creating a beautiful flutter effect, so this one definitely hits the mark! I Also love brown mascaras, because I think they’re so flattering and accentuate green eyes!

Next up on my list are these two products. I usually don’t paint my nails, but for some reason this August I’ve had my nails painted almost always, and the majority of times it was in Essie’s “Lady Like.” Not only is the name adorable, but the color is so beautiful. It has gorgeous mauve undertone and is the perfect “your nails but better” color! It’s also super opaque and goes on so smoothly!

I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this eau de parfum. I honestly think the “Weleda Jardin de Vie Rose” fragrance may be my favorite out of all my favorites this month. I have been wearing this fragrance constantly and have truly fell in love with it! I’m a very picky person when it comes to scents. I don’t like things that are sweet, musky, or just way too strong. I prefer light scents that I can wear at anytime of the day and feel amazing. This one ticks all my requirements, and that’s why I’m sharing it! It has a beautiful and subtle floral scent and just speaks summer to me; its notes of fresh rose, geranium and milky ylang ylang transport me to summer garden centers and beautiful flower stands. I will definitely still be wearing this scent well into fall, as it’s so delicate and light, you can honestly wear it year round!

Continuing on the note of fragrances, I’ve been loving to use candles this month. I was in Anthropologie one day and couldn’t resist picking up this little gem. I truly feel like all of Anthropologie’s candles are amazing. If you’ve ever been in one of their stores, you know what I’m talking about when I say their store smells incredible. This candle is the reason why, and I truly feel it’s something everyone and their grandmother has! The “Capri Blue Volcano” candle is such a classic scent, it’s fresh and completed with notes of “tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens”, so in other words, it smells amazing!

This month I have also added a new product to my skincare regime, the Clinique “Repairwear Uplifting” cream is wonderful at plumping and hydrating my skin. Although they recommend using it morning and evening, I’ve just been using this as a night cream. Every time I put it on, I can feel it rehydrating my skin and it just gives the most beautiful glow and plumpness to my face, without being heavy or sticky! I would recommend this to anyone who has normal to dry skin, looking for a cream that will firm, lift and quench your skin as well is give you a healthy glow!

As you may know, my birthday was this past month! And one of my sweet friends gifted me this Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. I love neutral pallets and this one did not disappoint! The shades are all super blendable and creamy and have a great range from light to dark shades! One of my favorite things about this, is how compact it is, which makes it perfect for travelling or keeping in your purse!

This summer I didn’t really wear a foundation, as I felt my skin looked really clear, and also, wearing a foundation when its 95 degrees outside is not the most enjoyable experience. Towards the end of August I decided I wanted to do a full makeup look one day and that’s when I fell in love with this product once again! Funny enough, this was actually my first foundation I ever bought and I now remember why. It isn’t named “Hello Flawless” for nothing, this foundation is lightweight and dewy, it has a gorgeous silky finish leaving a radiant and porcelain look to your skin! It stays in place all day for me without feeling heavy, and looks very natural! I absolutely adore this foundation and would highly recommend it to those on the market for a new lightweight foundation!

This month I have two food favorites! The first one being this Kitchenfix “Grain-Free Granola.” I’m squealing inside just thinking about this granola, it is so good! I put it on everything from smoothies, to yogurt and even eat it as a cereal with berries, bananas and almond milk! I also love eating it straight out of the bag and have one in my locker at school for just that. I am a granola addict but I find it really hard to find a granola with good nutrition or low in sugar. I personally thrive off of a diet high in healthy fats, so this is perfect for me. It’s also paleo, which I love, because all the ingredients are natural and whole foods, good for your body, and it only has 3 grams of sugar per serving! If the ingredients don’t win you over, then the taste will for sure! It’s chocolatey, crunchy and rich with a dash of salt. You’ve got to try this, my sister and I have gone through 4 bags in two weeks!

Finally, I want to tell you about Tazo organic chai tea. I’ve been drinking this almost every day and I’m hooked! This is definitely my favorite blend of chai I’ve tried and it’s so good, especially with a dash of almond milk! I love the warm spices in this tea, as they remind me of fall, and I know I’ll be drinking this for months to come!


Clinique high impact mascara

Essie nail polish in “lady like”

Weleda jardin de vie rose

Capri Blue volcano candle (iridescent jar)

Clinique repairwear uplifting firming cream

Urban Decay naked 2 basics

Benefit hello flawless foundation (natural finish)

Kitchenfix grain-free granola, cocoa sea salt

Tazo organic chai tea

I hope you had a great August, and thanks for reading about my favorites this month! What were some of your favorite things this August? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

xx Sasha



  • Found the cutest black sweater and it's on sale! This morning I went to Church with a good friend and got brunch afterwards! I'm about to go take some blog photos and then hopefully do some meal prep for the week! I love meal prepping because it helps me have quick options to snack on and makes me more likely to eat in rather than be tempted to go out. Especially during Whole30 meal prep has been a life saver! What do you do on Sunday's to make your week easier? (Ps: remember you can now shop my Instagram on the blog!)
  • The cutest sweatshirt dress under $35!! Y'all today I finally finished (well almost) the new blog! After being tired of the way my blog looked I decided to give it a makeover! Now you can shop my Instagram including this dress! So go take a look, and tell me what y'all think!
  • Hands up for snow days!! Yesterday we got almost a foot of snow which is incredibly unusual for Raleigh! I've been curled up on the couch by our fireplace, watching Hulu and working on the blog! I need a good show to binge on Netflix or Hulu, what's your favorite? (Also the blog may or may not be getting a major facelift!)
  • I feel like I haven't gotten to introduce myself, I'm Sasha! I love Jesus and sharing the gospel. I really want to like reading but I don't unless I'm at the beach with a mojito, or reading my bible with a highlighter and pen. I love breakfast, and poached eggs are my go to at brunch! But my eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I probably change my order about five times because I'm so indecisive. I'm a perfectionist at heart, I try to do everything and I mean everything (high school, jewelry business, blog, youth group three times a week, and a job) until I'm exhausted. I love learning unless it's physics, then I'm just confused. But I love math and solving problems. I am constantly trying to prove myself to myself, and make it a game to see how much I can accomplish in a day. I am a creature of habit, I go to the same coffee shop at least three times a week and I've made friends with all the baristas lol. I'm an introverted extrovert and love talking (a lot)! I love traveling and dream of moving somewhere like London or New York. Oh and I'm a twin (it's so much fun)! Ps: this outfit is all linked in today's blog post, so go give it a read!
  • Finally got a pair of leopard loafers and I'm obsessed! They're so comfy and look amazing! Tomorrow we're supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow, it may not sound like much, but for NC that means school will be canceled for a few days! Super excited to curl up on the couch, watch KUWTK and drink some hot chocolate!😆 What are your favorite things to do on snow days?
  • Yesterday I did the first part of my driving for drivers ed, luckily he only had to use his brakes a couple of times🙈 Not sure how I feel about driving yet but I have another class later today. Do you guys like driving, or would you rather have your friend drive?
  • Happy Friday Eve! I'm so excited about the long weekend ahead! This week was my first full week back at school and it's been pretty hard adjusting back from having so much free time. But I'm also kinda loving it because I'm sort of in my element when I have a bunch of stuff to do, all about the #hustle lol! I wanted to share a few thoughts on our identity. So last week I applied to a style company for a space in their influencer community. And today I saw an email in my inbox and my stomach dropped to the floor. I had a hunch when I applied that I didn't have a very high chance to get in, but thought what's the worst thing that can happen, they say no and I move on and try again later down the road. But for some reason all afternoon there's been a weight on my chest and a voice in my head saying I'm not good enough! And holy moly, that's so far from the truth. You see our identity is in Jesus, who says we are enough! And at times it can be hard to remember when things you had such high hopes for fall through. I keep reminding myself of Genesis 1:27 and Isaiah 25:1. It's so easy to lose sight of what God has planned for your life by little moments that take away your attention from the big picture. Whatever challenge, rejection, or pain you're facing, Jesus is so much bigger than it and so is his plan for you! (Ps: this sweater is on major sale, linked on the blog)
  • Currently dreaming of being somewhere warm. I feel like once January roles around I'm done with winter and ready for spring dresses and cute sandals (anyone else?) But until then this fur vest is great to stay cozy in the winter weather! My favorite way to style it is, with a pair of jeans, riding boots, a white sweater and gold hoops!
  • I think I'm pretty late on the otk boot trend, but since I've got these I've been wearing them everywhere! These were the only shoes I wore on my trip to Paris and they were surprisingly comfortable for walking around Paris all day. I'm currently lusting over the Stuart Weitzman pair, but if you're not wanting to splurge these are the perfect option!

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