16 Feb 2018

Podcasts I’m Loving

I love podcasts and I am almost always listening to a new one, whether it’s on a car ride, while I’m getting ready in the morning, or just to unwind. I find them super interesting and a fun option when I get tired of listening to music. My favorite types of podcasts are about entrepreneurs,…

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14 Feb 2018

Paleo Raspberry Swirl Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Today’s post is a guest post from one of my favorite people. She’s an avid lover of Ugg slippers, Bulletproof coffee, and traveling. She also happens to be my twin sister and best friend. When Christy is not planning our next vacation, she’s in the kitchen. Whether she’s whipping up a rainbow cake, some rendition…

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12 Feb 2018

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for quite sometime, but I just never seemed to have the right words or a full understanding on suffering. For a while, I struggled with the idea of suffering. I knew that God was all powerful and loving, but every time I opened up a search…

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08 Feb 2018

The J.Crew Quilted Jacket

//Quilted Jacket//Scarf (similar)//Earrings//Jeans//Sweater(on sale) Similar//Flats(similar)// As much as I’m ready for spring, dresses and leather sandals, the weather doesn’t seem to be on the same page as me. So winter jackets will still be on my hangers for the next month at least. One of my all time favorite style of jackets are quilted. I…

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06 Feb 2018

My Whole30 Tips and Experience

//Miss Allies Kitchen Chicken tiki massala with cauliflower rice As most of y’all know by now, this January was my first completed Whole30! And over the past month I’ve received multiple DMs and messages asking about my experience and tips. Today I want to share some of my favorite recipes from this month and all…

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04 Feb 2018

Monday-Roundup Vol. 6

//Ember Mug I hope you all had a restful weekend and enjoyed watching the Super Bowl! I’m starting the week off by sharing some of the new pieces out for spring. I have been dreaming of a vacation to Palm Beach while browsing through J.Crew website (they currently have 30% off select styles), and came…

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02 Feb 2018

January Favorites

necklace// I feel like I say this every month, and will continue saying it, wow has the month flown by! January is always a special month, the new year gives people a fresh start and mindset. Although every day is a new start, I think there is just something special about a new year and…

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01 Feb 2018

The Red Crochet Dress

 Recently, I decided to purge my closet and simplify it down to simple pieces I can style time after time again. There are a few items I think are essential to anyone’s closet, one of which being a red dress. Red dresses are classic, elegant, and red is such a feminine and flattering color that…

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30 Jan 2018

Whole30 Southwestern Egg Bake

It’s hard to believe that as you’re reading this, today is my last day of the Whole30 (whoop whoop)! Surprisingly I’m a little sad it’s over. This month has been all about getting creative with my meals, for example using cauliflower instead of rice and swapping out my morning avocado toast for sweet potato toast.…

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29 Jan 2018

Valentine’s Day Dresses Under $100

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d round up a bunch of gorgeous dresses perfect for a date night, galentine’s or whatever your plans might be! And they’re all under $100! I’ve always loved Valentine’s day since I get to dress up and pink is my favorite color! I remember when I…

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  • These leopard flats have been my go-to shoe for almost every outfit! They're so comfortable and who doesn't love a pop of leopard to a sweater and jeans!
  • This week has been crazy! Missing half a week of high school because of the flu caused me to get super behind on both my school work and blog work! Thanks for being patient with me while I find my balance again! I want to share a story from yesterday, I was making up one of the the many math quizzes I missed and to be honest math just isn't my thing! I don't know how I took two math classes last year and frankly I'd be fine with never taking another one again! I'm currently in honors pre-calc and often find myself feeling like I understand what I'm doing until I take the quiz or test. And of course the same thing happened yesterday and I got a 76 on my quiz again. That's not normal for me, I've always been a straight A student but I feel like I'm on a C streak right now because I just can't get my math grade to budge, and that's really disappointing. I've never been one to get upset over a bad grade, but being so overwhelmed it just hit me and I had no appetite for lunch, I didn't want to talk to any of my friends, so I literally went to the bathroom and shed a few tears lol. But my point is that I don't want y'all to do this, take my story as an example of what not to do! Because your identity isn't in a grade or assignment but in Christ, and nothing can shake Christ's love for you! Fast forward to the end of the day and I finally popped into J.Crew and treated myself to a few pieces including this adorable top which is an extra 30% off (I think I got it for under $35!) #fashionblogger #jcrew #ginghamtop #ncblogger
  • Happy Valentine's friends! I hope your day has been filled with lots of chocolate! I don't have very big plans for tonight unless you count watching the women's giant slalom and eating ice cream with my sister lol! Watching the Olympics nightly has been our favorite thing to do this week, Sean White's win last night was crazy! Do you have any plans for tonight?
  • A sweater and coffee kind of day☕️Made it through Monday so I treated myself to a Whole Foods trip and some dairy free ice cream! Shop my outfit under the Instagram tab on my blog.  #fashionblogger #wrapsweater #leopardloafers #ncblogger
  • I've spent the last few days in bed with the flu, and doing a lot of online shopping lol. I wanted to share a quick  bit of the sermon I heard today. In our world we often ask the question why, why are so many people suffering, why is there so much pain, why would God let this happen? But too often we forget the "who" we're talking about. Our conception of God is completely off, he's all powerful and all loving, so he's also all knowing. And if his wisdom is just as great as his power (which literally created the heavens and earth) then what makes us think we can arrogantly assume with our limited knowledge that we are able to perceive every purpose of our infinitely wise God. Think about Job and how God allowed Satan to take away everything he had to show Job's trust and need for the Lord. And although the question why this happened isn't answered in the book of Job or the rest of the Bible, we now read Job to find hope and trust for our suffering. It brings us closer to God and deepens our understanding of him. When you see the beauty of Christ, you stop asking why, and start trusting the who.
  • Today I'm talking all about my favorite type of winter jackets on the blog. I'm really picky when it comes to what type of jacket I like, since some just aren't very flattering. I love the timelessness of quilted jackets and their elegant fit! What is your favorite/most worn jacket?
  • Happy Wednesday y'all! I woke up this morning with a fever, and migraine. I'm actually kind of surprised I didn't get sick sooner since so many colds and the flu are going around. I've been sleeping all day and am just starting to feel a bit better. I've heard a lot about the medicine ball tea from Starbucks and think today might be the perfect day to try it! What are your favorite remedies for colds and flu?
  • The cutest turtleneck to take away your Monday blues! After a long week at school last week and a busy weekend with school dances, and the Super Bowl, I woke up this morning thinking is it the weekend yet? One thing I've been trying to get into the habit of, is leaving myself an hour and a half in the mornings to make breakfast, do a devotional and get ready. Some mornings I'll even listen to a glorious in the mundane podcast (they're so good!) For me half an hour of sleep doesn't make as much of a difference as an extra half an hour to wake up and get ready slowly! Who else needs another day off?
  • Happy Friday babes! I'm sharing some of my favorite things from the month of January on the blog, like these leopard loafers! They're so comfortable, stylish and dress up a sweater and jeans! This weekend I really want to redo my office space! Right now it isn't very organized and the one room I just never got around to designing. I've seen copper clothing racks all over the internet and am dying to have one! They don't seem that difficult to make and I think it'd be fun to do a diy! Would y'all want to see a post about my office makeover? Also what things were you obsessed with this month!?

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